Maintenance Detail:

Sedan $65 | Mid-Size SUV $65 | Pickup Trucks/ Mini- Van/ SUV's $65 | Lifted Trucks $75

Premium Hand Car Wash utilizing state of the processes and products

Exterior hand wash, Wheels, Wheel arches, Tires are cleaned & Dressed, Wipe door jambs,  interior glass cleaned to a streak free clean finish. Interior gets our Wipe & Vac!  Dash, door panels are wiped, center console and cup holder are cleaned. A blast of air between and under the seats to get all debris out to be easily vacuumed. Exterior glass cleaned to a streak free finish.

To Top it off An "Express Wax" is added to your Maintenance Detail. This is great way to give your vehicle that added pop and 4 weeks of protection!  

 Vehicles with "EXCESSIVE"  interior and or Exterior dirt, Bug & Tar removal are subject to EXTRA Charge. 

Note: We specialize in Proper Care of Matte paint and matte wrapped and commercial wrapped vehicles!

Protection Detail

Sedans $100. | Mid-Size $100. | Pickup Truck-SUV's $125.

Protection Detail includes everything in our Maintenance Detail adding a Premium Paint Sealant for solid 4 months of protection. "Gtechniq" Paint Sealant Contains especially designed silica formula that revitalizes and maintains superior gloss to paint on vehicle surfaces.

Add $50. Extra for Clay Barr to remove embedded contaminates from clear coat rendering paint silky smooth.

Enhancement Detail:

Cars $225-$250 |  Mid-Size SUV & Pickup $250.-$275.|  Large SUV $275.-$300.

Enhancement Detail (Full Detail) includes all from Basic and Protection detail adding a Interior Shampoo... Seats, door panels , all plastics, in-between the seats, headliner, air vents are Cleaned. Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned. The paint goes through a deep decontamination process to remove embedded contaminates in your clear coat via FERROUS METAL REMOVER  that dissolves ferrous metals that contain iron from car paint, wheels, glass, chrome and aluminum and or Clay-BarThis deep cleaning of the paintwork will render the paint silky smooth.

Note:  This Package is a great option for a "Used" New car purchase or for preparation to sell a car for maximum resell asking price.

Note:  If vehicle is excessively dirty there will be a extra charge for time to correct.